Sunday, August 14, 2011

Office Before and Progress

So we've spent the past few months getting ready and doing our mini-renovations which including repainting the entire house, installing new laminate flooring, new trim work, etc.

This is what the room looked like the day we came to see the house:

The previous owner used it as a guest bedroom. It had yellow walls, navy blue carpet, and a spacious sliding door closet. 

This is what the office looked like about two years ago, when it was so messy that we actually moved our desks from the office into the living room in hopes that we'd be less messy. Normal people would've cleaned the room and made it a useable space. We literally closed the doors and left all the trash in there.

Yes, there is a person in there.

All trash.

How did we get shit done?

Vacuum is clearly for decoration.

This is what the room looks like today:

Cleaned desks, bought some task lighting.

New flooring/paint.

Behr Propoise/Behr Colour matched to Martha's Magnetite.
Clearly, we removed all the shit (almost literally), installed our Pergo Presto Virginia Walnut flooring (thanks for installing it for us, Dad!), painted the room Behr Porpoise, painted the closet Behr colour matched to Martha Stewart's Magnetite, removed the trim, removed the giant eye-sore heater (you can still see the bare wires where we have yet to install the new baseboard heater).

This room still needs a lot of work, here are things still on the to-do list:
  • Remove funky-old-not-to-code-wiring in the closet
  • Install last row of flooring once said wires are removed
  • Re-caulk window
  • Install casing around window
  • Hang curtains/hardware
  • Move computers back in
  • Paint closet doors/shelving white
  • Hang art
  • Install new baseboard moulding
  • Install new baseboard heater
  • Install new light fixture 
  • Install new switch plates/outlets/light switches (all white, yay!)
Then there are the extra credit things that I'd like to do:
  • Buy sleeper sofa/futon for guests
  • Buy new bi-fold closet doors
  • Investigate running Ethernet wiring along baseboard moulding
  • Install new wire shelving system in closet 
  • Install lighting in closet (repaint lighter?)
Here are some additional images of things we have left to do.

Figure out what these go to, remove.

Re-caulk/Clean window, paint window surround white.

Remove window ledge, sand down/repaint/resintall level.

Paint closet doors/shelving.

Install new light fixture.

That's right, its actually liveable now! Imagine that! First time in two years. Sad, yes. However, progress is progress.